Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Solio Solar Chargers: Calienta

Solar energy will play an important role as America makes the transition to eco-friendly sources of electricity. According to the latest Annual Energy Outlook report from the Energy Information Administration, energy efficiency and renewable power sources already play a key role in reducing the percentage of electricity derived from fossil fuel sources.

So far, solar and wind have helped in renewable energy growth, with utility-scale projects under development around the US. Substantial tax credits entice a number of homeowners to invest in alternative energy sources.

In 2035, America will get 78 percent of its energy from fossil fuel sources. This compares to 84 percent for fossil fuels currently. The EIA added that renewable energy sources will account for most of this change including solar power, wind power, and electricity.

Solio Solar Chargers
With eco-friendly energy on the top of everyone's mind, Solio offers a product that can charger up to 3200 different mobile devices and is a universal solar charger. The Solio Mag is priced at $169.95 but much cheaper than wasting money on electricity to charge your mobile phone and portable to boot.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twitter Directory 2000: Twitter Users Promoted

If you want to promote your twitter user profile and want to join the Twitter elite, check out Twitter Directory 2000. Every Twitter user must have at least 2,000 followers and be updated in the last 30 days.

Including a URL, RSS feed to your Twitter Updates, and much more information to promote your Twitter profile on Twitter Directory 2000.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Google Chrome, A New Open Source Browser

Google goes directly at Internet Explorer and Firefox in the Internet browser wars. This is a three browser war now and Google Chrome is making quick gains.

Why use Google Chrome?
1) Much Faster
2) Each page loads independently (Much Faster)
3) One Box for Everything
4) Better Bookmarks
5) Simple and easy to use
6) Safe Browsing (Incognito Mode)
7) Import Settings
8) Dynamic Tabs
9) It's from Google
10) Did I mention it is much faster

Download Google Chrome and take it for a test drive, but you can't stop using it.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Google Website Optimizer Tool Video

What if there were a way to find out which images, headlines, and website copy for optimal conversion rates? Want to optimize your paid search campaign but don't have the time? Google offers a Website Optimizer Tool that will help you choose the right on-page elements to maximize your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Whether it is A/B Testing or Multi-variate testing you can figure out how to convert more consumers on your website. Take the Google Website Optimizer Tool tour and learn how to make more money with your paid search campaigns.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Google PageRank Update - July 2008

I just noticed this weekend that my blogs have updated PageRank. The Google PageRank update usually happens every quarter so expect another PageRank update in October. Google PageRank however can fluctuate in real-time, and is only updated so the general public can see it on a quarterly basis.

PageRank is calculated on the quantity (not quality) of links pointing to a Web page. Approximately 100 links will get you a PageRank 2, 1,000 links will get you a 3-4 PageRank, 10,000 links PageRank 5, 100,000 links PageRank 5-6, etc.

PageRank can be an indicator of success or failure in the Google engine. If you suddenly see a major drop in PageRank the website is probably doing something it shouldn't (spam or paid text links) and Google is momentarily penalizing your website. Rectify this situation and submit a Reconsideration Request in Google Webmaster Tools.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Connexus - Another Great Idea(lab)

So Bill Gross made Google profitable with the help of's paid advertising and what we now know as PPC. But what has Bill and his team at idealab been doing over the past few years?

Connexus Corporation Paid Advertising

Enter Connexus, the premier online, performance-driven marketing platform, offering a diversified, multi-channel approach to connect advertisers with their target customers. It delivers scale, flexibility and performance to advertisers and publishers across all online advertising formats. Connexus features a multi-channel network of proprietary sites that deliver qualified customers directly to advertisers.

Connexus, founded in 1999, is the union of Vendare Media and Netblue. Want to put your money on a new company? This is your horse.

The Evolution of Broadcast TV

Over the years cable has helped the number of television channels blossom into the hundreds, and the satellite TV into thousands. What is the next step in the evolution of Broadcast TV? Internet television, on-demand, play anytime, any channel, any show; television.

Enter Hulu, ManiaTV, and 31 other places to watch Free TV Online. On-Demand, syndicated, sometimes live television directly to your Computer or Internet-ready TV. Jump on the bandwagon because it is going, and before you know it this trend will be saturated.

New Television Ads

Internet TV will have commercials, but not as we know them now. Sponsor wraps, in-video ads, and ad watermarks will offer monetization without complete intrusion. We all love our TiVo and DVR, and you know we will never sit and watch traditional television commercials ever again (if we don't have to).

Do some research and get in the Internet TV advertising game. It is just a matter of time before Google Adwords and YouTube merge traditional TV Ads with Video Ads and create Internet TV ads. Then Google will be the king of all media, not just the Internet.

Shhh! Matt Cutts is Talking

Few people can quite a room like Matt Cutts and he often has some really good information to share. Whether it is because Google holds the lion's share of the search market or because Matt Cutts really knows his stuff, we all listen when he talks.

During the Google Live Chat, a couple of months ago, 200+ webmasters and SEO professionals eagerly listened to every word that was spoken by the Google operations team. I wonder if they can do this every quarter? Maybe have a monthly "ask Matt Cutts" live chat? If you are like me, you look for Matt Cutts on YouTube and in SEO industry verticals and hang on his every word. Like coffee, I need my Matt Cutts fix.

It is also good to see that Wikipedia has given Matt his own web page. I remember last year when the debate raged on in the world of Wikipedia whether Matt Cutts is notable or not. He is and has become the voice of Google on the technical side of Google operations. It is good to see that he has received proper recognition from Wikipedia.

Matt Cutts also has a personal blog where he shares his insights and knowledge. My only wish is that he blog everyday. I keep an eye on his RSS feed to see what is new in the world of Google.

Thanks Matt Cutts, keep it up! Oh, wait, he is talking right now. Shhhh! Join the Collective

No it is not a cult or the Borg from Star Trek. Kluster is billed as a collaborative decision making platform. It may not exactly be the most cutting edge or best new idea of 2008 but it is pretty freckin' cool.

Name This. For $99 a business or brand can ask the world to give them a name within 48 hours. This collaborative naming website brings out the crazy, corny, and a few really good names. I ask you, why not use Yahoo! Answers? Because we are the Borg, resistance is futile.

Knewsroom™ is a community-directed news publication where you have a voice (and you get paid to use it). “The Knews” gets published every morning, featuring the previous day’s top stories in Politics, Business, Technology, Design, Sports, and Entertainment.

See you at the Knewsroom and Name This for a little collaborative, community, idea bouncing. Now if they had Seven of Nine on the website, I would make it my desktop background.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

MCSE Training and IT Business Training

Do you have a small business and need
MCSE training? Global Knowledge offers worldwide IT and business training. They offer hands-on instruction to improve business performance for Cisco, Nortel, Red Hat, Microsoft, and other IT software and IT platform.

Popular Courses

Global Knowledge offers courses in understanding networking fundamentals, IT Project management, CCNA boot camp v2.0, and essentials of information security.

Popular Certifications
They include PMP Certification, MCSE Certification, RHCE Certification, CISSP Certification, and ITIL Certifications.

Global Knowledge was the 2007 PMI Product of the Year award winner. They offer resource to learn more about their products and services including white papers, web seminars, podcasts, case studies, demos, lab topologies. Learn about their courses today and be a leading IT professional tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

IP Video Conferencing

Communication is the backbone of business activities. The cost of meetings can eat up profit as well as time. The small business must find a cost effective and dependable source for communicating. IP video conferencing is the solution. This technology is now available and most importantly it is compatible with multiple platforms and legacy systems. If you need a video conferencing solution check out LifeSize.